My name is Renee Timberlake. My life has been dedicated to health and nutrition. I am personal fitness instructor, nutritional consultant  and a natural health coach.  I have studied and participated in the natural and alternative health field since 1996.

I managed an alternative care clinic led by a brilliant heart surgeon and internist , where I was trained in labs,  chelation therapy and internal and alternative medicine.
I am the former owner of Heritage House in  NY, a business which was focused on whole body health.

I have been teaching and lecturing on health, food, detox, cleansing, wellness and alternative therapy for two decades.

I believe God did not leave us without all we needed to take care of our bodies and He has given me much wisdom and knowledge on how to take care of what He created.

My goal is to educate and assist you, so that you can live a happy, healthy and productive life ……the way He intended.

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